Sunday, June 12, 2011

The blog of my life.

Last week, my father passed away. This was the first death in MY immediate family, so it was something of a shock all around when people started telling stories of his life. What struck me most was that the stories people told... well, they didn’t match. They didn’t match each other, and they didn’t match reality. Now, it could be that we’re all right and everyone remembers the same thing differently, but that’s a nice way of saying everyone got to tell their story except my dad.

So, in the grandest tradition of blogging (shameless self-promotion, that is) I present to you this blog, where it will be my goal to simply tell stories about my life (in no particular order) for the sole purpose of talking about myself so that when I’m gone, anybody who is going to stand around telling stories about me will at least have to get it right.